Picking last-minute log cakes made easy

Navigating the myriad of yule log cakes around the country this festive season can be dizzying. Here is a list you can take reference from.

Intercontinental Singapore

Mistletoe Pear Helene Sleigh ($65++, 1 kg)

Chunks of pear provided interest and pair well with a silky chocolate mousse.

Classic Chocolate Cherry Winter Log ($65++, 1kg)

A thick cake with a deep dark chocolate flavour and soft chunks of cherry.

Heritage Peranakan Log ($70++, 1kg)

Unexpectedly good even if one is not a fan of coconut.

The mousse was light, the cake was not lost in the texture of the soft mousse and you could actually taste the pandan.

The layers of pineapple were a pleasant addition - sweet and tangy. There was a mild hint of cinnamon and the texture was just enough to provide contrast to the soft mousse without any of the tough fibres that pineapple usually has.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Yuzu Infused Log Cake ($62++, 1kg)

With the subtle citrus of the yuzu, the cake was light and had just enough flavour to give a Japanese twist to a typically western log cake.

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

American Cheesecake log cake ($72, 1kg)

The cake looked like it would be heavy and cloying, but it was not. It came with a meringue crust that complimented the light, mildly tangy filling with its nutty flavour and texture.

The Fullerton Hotel

Marshmallow Chocolate Yule Log ($68, 1kg)

A sticky and chewy cake that was rich and sweet, and with a lot of body.

Marriott Hotel

Deluxe Mont Blanc Log Cake ($68, 1kg)

The mousse was creamy while still being light. The chestnut pieces throughout it were just the right amount to keep things interesting and provided a welcome texture. The cake stood out well to the thick mousse and had some bite.

Royal Plaza on Scotts

Royal Chocolate ($60, 800g)

Cakey, dense and sweet with a rich, deep chocolate flavour. The hazelnut feuilletine provided an interesting crunch.

Honey Citrus ($60, 800g) (takeaway)

Tangy with a subtle fragrance of honey that went well with the citrus. Nice texture from the chunky marmalade.

Pine Garden Cakes

Spiced Caramel Apple Log ($42, 600g; $63, 1kg)

Really sweet but not overpowering. Strong taste and aroma of cinnamon. Nice bite in the chunks of apple, with a soft, pillowy cake and a subtle saltiness from the caramel.

Chocolate Strawberry Balsamic Log ($59, 800g; $86, 1.2kg)

The cake is sweet and fragile chocolate sponge cake, but the tart strawberries brighten up the cake a lot. The balsamic vinegar sounds off-putting, but there is no vinegar taste, just the sweet cake and a shock of flavour from fresh strawberries.

Cookies & Nougat Log ($59, 800g; $86, 1.2kg)

The buttercream is peppered with little bits of almond and biscuit pieces. Sweet with a slightly salty note and occasional chewy bits from the nougat.

One @ Farrer

Vanilla White Chocolate Mao Shan Wang Durian Yule Log ($85, 750g)

Creamy, rich, and the taste of durian explodes in your mouth. Good for durian lovers.