Pricier chicken even before Malaysia price control scheme kicks in

Consumers buying standard chickens at the Pasar Tani Larkin in Johor Bahru.

JOHOR BARU - Poultry sellers are selling chicken at higher prices even before the price control scheme for the bird comes into effect on Friday.

A check by The Star showed that the birds were being sold at up to RM8 per kilo although the price has been set between RM6.40 (S$2.54) and RM8.50 (S$3.37) per kilo.

Under the price control scheme that takes effect from Friday until Aug 11, live chicken has been priced at RM6.40, standard chicken at RM7.70 and super/dressed chicken at RM8.50.

Poultry trader Nurul Huda Jusoh, 30, said that consumers would normally buy standard chicken.

"Demand for chicken has declined since the start of the fasting month.

"This is because many people opt to buy food from the Ramadan bazaars rather than cook at home," she said.

Housewife Siti Ramlah Hamid, 52, said that she would opt for kampung chicken.

This was because the meat was healthier and had less fat compared to commercially-produced birds.

She said that paying between RM11 to RM12 per kilo for kampung chicken was not an issue for her.

This was because this type meat was better when used in cooking rendang or when made into chicken soup.

The prices of greens have also increased by 10 per cent since the start of the fasting month.

Vegetable trader Zainuddin Abu Bakar, 43, claimed that vegetables were expensive because the suppliers had started selling the vegetables at higher prices even before the start of the price control scheme.

"Suppliers have a trend of increasing the prices of their products before the Government announces price control measures for festive seasons," he said.

Zainuddin, who has been selling vegetables at the pasar tani for the last 25 years, said that the prices of red chillies, cucumbers and long beans were among those that had increased.