Prized picks of the season

Prized picks of the season

Food blogger Leslie Tay shares with My Paper the prized durian picks of the season.

Mao Shan Wang

People love it as it is creamy, rich and sweet. The thick flesh comes in a very distinct deep buttery-yellow colour, and can be peeled easily off the seed. A really good Mao Shan Wang is pungent, sweet yet bitter at the same time.

Golden Phoenix

It is very fragrant and gives off a great aroma. Compared to the Mao Shan Wang, the flesh is drier and more pasty, though less pungent. It is also sweet and creamy. Though usually small, it has small seeds and its flesh is very thick - definitely good value for money.


The flesh is reddish in colour, with areas of grey denoting bitterness. It is more watery, compared with the Mao Shan Wang. Light on the palate, the D13 is an easy durian to eat because its flesh is not pasty.


It is a very beautiful durian, though it is a little small. But the flesh is thick and bittersweet.

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