Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival arrives in Singapore for the first time

Featuring over 100 specialty food and drink products from Japan's number one online shopping mall, the festival looks set to satisfy even the most hard-core Japanese food fans

Japanese food lovers are in for a real treat as Japan's number one online shopping mall, Rakuten, has brought its renowned food festival, Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival (楽天うまいもの大会), to Singapore for the first time. From now to 4 December, shoppers will be able to taste and experience Rakuten's most popular food offerings from its renowned online platform in Japan - known as Rakuten Ichiba - here in Singapore.

Since its inception in 2010, the hugely popular food festival (known as Rakuten Umaimono Taikai in Japanese) has become one of the most anticipated food events in Japan.

"Singaporeans' strong passion for food and love of Japanese cuisine are the reasons we decided to bring the Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival to Singapore. The festival is our way of presenting the best of Rakuten's online food merchants to shoppers in a retail environment, thus merging the offline world that our customers live in and the online world that we operate in," said Mr Masatada Kobayashi, CEO of Rakuten Asia and Co-Founder, Rakuten Inc.

The 10-day festival will feature over 100 types of premium seafood, exquisite confectioneries, delicious desserts and many other delectable delights from Hokkaido, Yokohama, Tokyo, Kyoto and Shizuoka.

The event is hosted at the newly-opened WAttention Plaza, which is part of the Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street, located at Basement 1 of Jurong Point.

Featuring Rakuten's top merchants and their products

Food enthusiasts will be introduced to a variety of new-to-Singapore specialty products presented by 11 merchants from Rakuten Ichiba in Japan, the country's largest B2B2C e-commerce platform. Many of them are award-winning and have received accolades including Rakuten Japan's 'Shop of the Year' award.

Here are 11 must-try products featuring at the Rakuten Japan Gourmet Festival:

1. Melon smoothie with soft serve

A luxuriously rich smoothie made from Hokkaido-farmed red-flesh melon, topped with Hokkaido dairy soft serve.

2. Salmon wrapped in kelp

Awarded the prestigious Monde Selection Silver Award in 2011, this product is extremely popular in Japan, featuring premium salmon wrapped with kelp and grilled to perfection. It can be stored at room temperature, making it a convenient and nutritious food for people of all ages.

3. Premium crab bento with salmon roe

Simple but extravagant, you will find generous strips of crab legs and ikura (salmon roe) preserved in soy sauce, over a bed of quality Japanese rice.

4. Marusei butter sand

Made with white chocolate and 100 per cent pure Hokkaido-made butter, every bite of this biscuit from Hokkaido's renowned confectioner Rokkatei will leave you wanting for more.

5. Tuna and seafood chirashi

Also known as the Japanese Seafood Parfait, this lovely creation is not only great in taste, but also beautiful to look at. This chirashi features premium Japanese rice, topped with salmon roe, salmon and tuna belly, all carefully assembled into a pretty parfait.

6. Warabi mochi

Also known as the braken-starch dumpling, this is a classic dessert that has been ranked as the Most Popular Product of the Week 180 times on Rakuten Ichiba in Japan.

7. Cheese scallops

These scallops are flavoured with real cheese, a tasty and harmonious combination. To make it more convenient and hygienic, each bite-sized scallop is individually packed and sealed to preserve freshness.

8. Chocolate sandwich

A chocolate lover's heaven - a double chocolate cookie filled with rich and fragrant chocolate ganache. The freshly made 1mm-thick chocolate ganache is buttery smooth and simply melts in your mouth. Holding together the ganache is a crispy butter cookie that adds crunch to the smooth chocolate filling.

9. Genmaicha (brown rice tea) with matcha (green tea) blend

A signature Japanese brown rice tea with a mixture of green tea, steamed in Shizuoka prefecture with green tea from the renowned Uji city.

10. Uji green tea daifuku

A twist to the traditional daifuku, which uses red bean paste fillings, this version has thick green tea cream paste made from Uji green tea, blended with fresh cream. The paste is then wrapped with a soft, chewy mochi skin.

11. Ginza apple kuchen

From the famed kitchen of Ginza Sembikiya comes the Ginza apple kuchen. Fuji apples are simmered to perfection to a texture smooth as silk, then encased in Ginza Sembikiya's interpretation of baumkuchen, a layered cake originating from Germany.

For a limited time starting 25 November, selected products will also be available online at www.rakuten.com.sg/event/japangourmetfestival. At the same time, Rakuten is holding its second Super Sale from 27 November to 4 December, and will feature more than 500 deals storewide, with discounts and promotions across all product categories, from food to Christmas-related items and more.