This reunion meal costs $240,000 - as much as a 3-room HDB flat

SINGAPORE - Feeling flush? How about splashing out close to $240,000 - the price of some new 3-room BTO flats - on just one meal.

That's the amount a man splurged on a reunion feast at Feng Shui Inn restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) recently.

According to Shin Min Daily News, a photograph of the staggering bill went viral after the occasion on Jan 27. The Chinese daily reported that not much is known about the diners, except that they are believed to be a group of 20 who ate at the Cantonese restaurant on the eve of Chinese New Year.

Photo: Facebook

Dishes they ordered included one geoduck clam, which cost over $1,000, and 15 "special" dishes which racked up $55,320.

The Chinese daily reported that the special dishes are off-the-menu requests made by the diner.

Also on the menu were 42 servings of wild-caught empurau fish, known by its nickname, "Unforgettable", which cost $6,216. The empurau is known as one of the most expensive edible fish in this region, and is reportedly priced at more than $1,000 a kilo at the restaurant.

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The bill was jacked up further by two bottles of Chinese Moutai liquor, to the tune of $72,000, along with five bottles of top-ranked French wines which totalled $61,000. We'll do the math for you - that's $143,000 just on alcohol.

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According to reports, Feng Shui Inn, located at Crocksford Tower in the casino resort, is known to attract mainland Chinese high-rollers.

Shin Min Daily News added that the restaurant declined to provide any details on the lavish banquet.