Roast beef at celebrated cafe in LA

LOS ANGELES - The Original Pantry Cafe, a long-established coffee shop and restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, is always alive with regular customers.

The most popular item on its menu is the roast beef, priced at US$12.95 (S$17.10).

The 400g serving of tender meat is accompanied by mashed potatoes and gravy.

Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and other celebrities have visited the restaurant, which was founded 90 years ago.

On weekends, the famed eatery attracts about 2,500 customers, who line up in front of it.

The establishment has operated around the clock since its founding and proudly boasts that the front door has no lock.

As the old-fashioned decor is quaint, movie director Steven Spielberg once tried to use the cafe as a location for shooting a film.

However, the shoot would have meant renting out the entire space.

The owner coolly declined the offer, saying that the customers could not be asked to leave.

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