Sake + instant noodles now trending in Japan: How does it really taste?

From curry to cheese - the myriad of instant noodle flavours available today is both wild and amazing. But this hasn't stopped fans from finding more ways to pimp up their favourite "cuisine".

Sometimes, the unlikeliest combinations turn out to be the most delicious ones (remember the weird but insanely popular trend of adding Milo powder to Maggi curry noodles earlier this year?).

Here's a concoction we decided to try out - Curry Milo Maggi. Watch to see how we made it in the office and what's the verdict.

Posted by AsiaOne on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The latest of such bizarre upgrades - this time trending in Japan - is to add sake (Japanese rice wine) to good ol' instant noodles.

Don't stop reading just because you don't like alcohol.

The addition of sake does little for alcoholics. Instead, it helps to improve the flavour of instant noodles, according to a report on RocketNews24.

"Satisfied experimenters" were cited as saying that adding the beverage makes the meal twice as delicious, while the RocketNews24 writers who tried it were also left "thoroughly impressed".

This piqued our curiosity, and we decided to try it out ourselves.

Our verdict? Some ingredients are not meant for each other, but there's something about sake and chicken-flavoured soup that reminded us of XO fish head bee hoon.

If you would like to try it out at home, we recommend using 40ml of sake for one serving of Nissin cup noodles.

Rating: 8.5/10