Singaporean Muslims share their favourite spots for breaking fast

Singaporean Muslims share their favourite spots for breaking fast

Ramadan starts today (June 6)! Where do Singaporean Muslims go to break fast?

This year, June 6 marks the start of Ramadan, an annual observance for Muslims all over the world. Regarded to be one of the Five Pillars of Islam, this month-long fasting commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. Each day, fasting begins at dawn and ends at sunset.

Now you know the brief history behind Ramadan, here are some of our Singaporean Muslim friends sharing their favourite spots for breaking fast:

Fika Cafe


"Fika serves delicious Swedish food, and most importantly, the service is fast. When you spent the whole day fasting, the last thing you want is food that's served late. Plus, the Beach Road outlet is near the Sultan Mosque so it's convenient to do your post-dusk prayers after dinner. My favourite dish at Fika is the Pannbiff, which is a dish of beef patties with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, sauteed onions, lingonberry jam, and a small side salad." - Arman Shah

For a full listing of Fika Cafe outlets, click here.

Tampines Ramadan Bazaar


"Flocks of people would head to the Geylang Ramadan Bazaar every year to soak in the Raya festivities, but in recent years, bazaars located in the heartlands have stepped up their game! I love bazaar food as much as the next Singaporean, but sometimes contending with intense shopping crowds in Geylang can be pretty overwhelming at the end of a long day. If you are not a fan of massive crowds in Geylang, or are just looking to pick up snacks to bring home for dinner, the Tampines Ramadan Bazaar is a delicious choice. Besides your usual night market food fare, stalls this year include Thai pancakes, corndogs, churros, fried ice cream rolls, fried durian, and many more." - Sharifah Nursyafiqah

Tampines Ramadan Bazaar is located beside Tampines MRT station.

The Malayan Council

"This restaurant is opposite the Abdul Gafoor mosque so you can cross the road for post-dusk prayers after having dinner. I love their unique and Malay-fied take on timeless dishes - for example, Asam Pedas Fish & Chips. They also serve a really awesome Ondeh Ondeh cake and chempedak creme brulee. Be sure to make reservations beforehand as it's a small space and they get crowded fast!" - Nadiah Othman

The Malayan Council is located at 22 Dunlop Street.

Simpang Bedok


"Simpang Bedok is not the actual name of this place, but people have just taken the name 'Simpang' to describe the row of food stalls in this area. The food here is not spectacular nor is it particularly cheap, but there's this vibe here that makes it special. It practically pumps with communal Malay energy that amplifies during the fasting month - the stalls provide free dates and porridge for their customers. At sunset, they will also play the azan (the call to prayer, which signifies the breaking of fast) and everyone will then start eating together. Breaking fast at Simpang Bedok is one of the most important memories of my youth. My favourite stall is Spize and I'll usually order the Maggi Goreng Pattaya - it's my kind of soul food!" - Namira Nasir

Spize (Bedok) is located at 336 Bedok Road.

Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel


"This Halal-certified buffet is an all-time favourite of mine because they always have a special theme for Ramadan. This year, it's cuisine from 'Around the World'. I like that the restaurant accepts reservations; also, there's a prayer room made available at the hotel itself." - Aisyah Mohd Nooh

Carousel is located on Level 1 of Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore Hotel.

Badoque Cafe


"The food here is consistently delicious, and the portions are hearty. I really enjoy the sirloin steak - so far, it's the best-tasting Halal steak I've had. The seafood pasta is another favourite of mine." - Irwan Abu Bakar

Badoque Cafe is located at 298 Bedok Road and 246 Upper Thomson Road.

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