Singaporean student creates coffee goals with 3D foam art

Student Daphne Tan uses a pretty enchanting hobby to "expresso" her love for coffee.

Her masterpieces have even been lauded as 2017's most adorable coffee trend - quite a feat, considering she only learnt it online half a year ago. 

The 17-year-old's carefully curated Instagram page (@periperipeng) is a joy to scroll through, and watching her jiggling latte art may be my next favourite thing.

Yes, you read that right. Jiggling latte art.


This morning's ☕️

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Her 3,700 followers (and I), love the 3D foam art creations, especially in videos where she picks them up and gives the cup a little shake, jiggling the froth in all its glory.

Here at AsiaOne, we've seen our fair share of doozy coffee creations like the Avolatte, iPhone latte and also most recently, pretty sakura art lattes.

But Tan's works of art definitely takes the cake. They feature delicate cups of coffee topped with stiff peaks of foam, shaped into beloved childhood characters like snoopy, Eeyore, Tigger and Totoro.


it's finally a wobbly video again!!

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"What sparked my interest was a school programme where I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on the appreciation of gourmet coffee," she told AsiaOne.

"I was curious about how foam was create for lattes or cappuccinos and searched online for ways to do it at home."

To those who are curious about her creation process, Tan revealed that she uses a milk frother from Nespresso to create the foam.

Photo: Daphne Tan

Each cup takes her an average of 10-15 minutes to make and she uses all natural food colouring and carob powder to decorate the foam.

To shape it, the most simple of tools are used: 2 spoons and a bamboo skewer.

Photo: Daphne Tan

As a student, her workload leaves her free to work on her latte art only during weekends. Passionate about healthy food, the blogger also operates her own website which shares yummy recipes for the health conscious. 

When asked about plans for the future, the inspiring young woman told us, "I've received feedback that I should start a cafe but I'm still not certain what I'm going to do in the future."

"For now, it's something I just really love doing that brings me a lot of joy!"