Survey reveals Singaporeans lack knowledge of bird's nest

SINGAPORE - While bird's nest is a widely consumed product, most Singaporeans know little about it.

A recent survey revealed that 66 per cent of Singapore respondents lack the knowledge of how quality and price of bird's nest are determined.

Commissioned by Eu Yan Sang, the survey that was conducted among 300 participants. It found that 72 per cent of them are consumers of bird's nest, particularly those in the age group of 26 to 45 years old, which formed the bulk of the respondents.

A key finding is that quality, price, reputation of retailer and source of product are the top four factors influencing the purchase of bird's nest.

Understanding that, Eu Yan Sang also said in the press release that it is introducing its latest range of nutrient-rich bird's nest from pollution-free and purpose-built harvesting locations in Kalimantan. The bird's nest harvested from this region is high quality, rich in epidermal growth factor and precious nutrients as the swiftlets have direct access to ample food source from the nearby national park, resulting in healthier, bigger and better quality nests.

The survey also found that most people eat bird's nest to improve immunity (about 50%), beauty reasons (about 40%), pre- and post-natal nourishment (under 20%), as well as a supplement for child's growth (under 10%).