Taiwan firms start removing tainted oil products

TAIPEI - In the wake of the waste oil scandal, many companies have started pulling products of questionable quality off the shelf.

One of them is convenience store FamilyMart, which has taken out 15 products suspected to contain low-grade oil. With receipts, consumers may bring tainted products to the store for a refund, said FamilyMart.

The convenience store says that it will continue tracking the latest update by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding products that are found to contain tainted oil, and remove bad products from the shelf accordingly.

Wu Chi , a famed bakery store with more than 70 years in history in Kaohsiung, had a very bad day yesterday, as customers lined up asking to return purchased products, as the store is one of the companies named by the FDA to have used Chang Guann Co.'s lard oil.

Wu Chi said that it has returned the majority of the tainted oil, and that only its Sun Cakes have been made with the low-grade oil. Nevertheless, many customers requested a refund for other bakery products, in the past two days.

Luxe Enterprises Ltd. also retrieved some 70,000 prepackaged noodle products in the wake of the tainted oil scandal. Another well-known instant noodle producer Wei Lih Food Industrial Co. was also found to be using the tainted oil in three of its popular noodle products in the market.

Yilin was named by the New Taipei City Government as using the tainted oil, and the company has also started removing some 200,000 oil packages from the market.