Team of ex-colleagues wins inaugural CATS Food Race

Team of ex-colleagues wins inaugural CATS Food Race

29 teams of four travelled around Singapore to various eateries for food-related challenges in an attempt to win the inaugural CATS Food Race on Sunday.

The winning team was a group of ex-colleagues who used to work together in a semi-conductor company and had decided to take part in this contest as a get-together. Named J-Sea, the members were Edward Tan, 30 (team leader), Huang Junjia, 32, Sim Chee Soon, 37 and Phua Yi Tak, 29.

Mr Tan said: "This is the first time we are taking part in such an event. Eating the fruits was the easiest thing to do, and separating the egg yolks and whites was the hardest. We never had to do such a thing before."

The fruits challenge he was referring to was a relay race where teams had to finish eating an apple, an orange, a banana and 10 logans as fast as possible.

The team also had to complete tasks such as eating a plate of Hokkien mee with only a pair of tooth picks, and drinking soup using a teaspoon attached to a long pole.

They won shopping vouchers worth $2,000.

Organised by Singapore Press Holdings' (SPH) CATS Classified, the race was held in conjunction with the CATS Classified Food Fest.

Awards were presented to the Top 10 restaurants of the CATS Classified Food Fest. These restaurants were voted in by members of the public during the period of the CATS Classified Food Fest advertising promotion.

The ten restaurants are: Boon Lay Raja Restaurant, First Culinary Restaurant, Good Chance Popiah, Gu Ma Jia, Hai Zhong Bao, Kim's Place Seafood, One Ocean, Padang Palace Restaurant, Ubin Kitchen, and XO Chicken Pot.

The winner of Food Fest's grand draw of $10,000 cash was also picked. To participate in the draw, diners had to spend a minimum of $20 at any of the Food Fest 2103 participating restaurants.

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