Thai boat noodle makes a splash in Singapore

Boat noodle, especially the seemingly revolting type fortified with pig's blood, is a popular street food in Bangkok.

But it's unlikely you can find this blood-curdling version in Singapore where the authorities frown upon any kind of food that's injurious to health.

However, some Thai eateries here attempt to recreate original flavour of the boat noodle (called Kuay Teow Reua) minus the forbidden raw blood that's usually stirred into a simmering, dark broth.

So how do they do it? They would only say it's their secret. Hopefully, it's not a dark secret.

But it's not difficult to render some blood into the dish if they're using red-blooded beef slices for the beef version.

Otherwise, you could only guess what's thrown in to create a pot of iron-packed broth. Liver perhaps? And with a dash of dark soy sauce and preserved radish for a deep, savoury flavour.

Anyway, customers at new eatery Thai Boat Noodle in Bedok Point seemed to relish the dish cooked sans blood. So do the fans at Nara Thai restaurants.

While the version at mid-scale Nara comes in a big bowl with more ingredients, Thai Boat Noodle serves theirs in small bowls, like those at street-side stalls in Bangkok.

The latter offers a bowl at $1 each with more modest ingredients and the noodles are enough for just a few gulps. Add crispy cracklings and lard (you'll have to pay for these), dashes of the chilli sauces and chopped peanuts (available on the table), and you'll savour a sprightly bowl of noodle almost as authentic as the ones in Bangkok.

Since its opening on January 21, Thai Boat Noodle has been holding an eating challenge for this dish. It chooses a contestant who eats the most number of bowls each week for the finals, The prize is an iPhone 6.

The current record achieved by one challenger is 37 bowls.

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