Thai dessert shop goes to the extreme with realistic poop-shaped jellies

A chef, any chef, naturally aims to create food that will entice people to eat them, but in the case of this Thai dessert shop, the opposite is true.

Dessert operator "Wilaiwan House Thai Dessert" has created disturbingly realistic poop-shaped jellies made of coconut milk. We kid you not.

The dessert house, located in Pathum Thani north of Bangkok, had already achieved success with another bizarre creation - puppy-shaped jellies, earlier in May this year.

The dessert featured a 3D coconut pudding in the shape of a Sharpei lying prone on a bed of jelly. Photos of the 'Sharpei pudding' on Wilaiwan's Facebook page swiftly went viral, with 20,000 shares in just 24 hours.

While the shop's latest creation has not enjoyed similar success, the turd-shaped jelly, which sells for 25 baht (about $1) per piece, has understandably been met with negative reactions from netizens.

While there were many who exclaimed that the appearance of the desserts were simply 'disgusting', others said the idea was 'interesting', but they 'don't dare to eat it'. 

But still, orders have been piling up, the owners say.

For those intending to take the plunge, there's even an instructional video on how to eat it.

ริวิววุ้นอุนจิ ท้าจอมยุทธ ใจกล้า ทั่วราชอณาจักร มาลอง

Posted by วิไลวรรณ บ้านขนมไทย on Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unique idea aside, moulding true-to-life desserts are obviously Wilaiwan's selling point, with netizens saying they would buy the off-putting puddings just to prank their friends.

For me? I'll stick to regular jellies, thank you very much.