Top 10 kitchen tools for the minimalist

Top 10 kitchen tools for the minimalist

If you're moving into a new home, or simply decluttering to the bare necessities, a short list of essential kitchen tools will do you good. We picked out tools that will ensure your meals are prepared efficiently, and help you keep a tidy kitchen.

Kitchen knives

You need one knife that can handle your prepping needs, from chopping vegetables to cutting meat. A good knife should fit comfortably in your hand, feature a length you work most efficiently with, and not be too heavy or light. If you'd like options, consider a small paring knife for peeling or a serrated knife for bread and cakes. Remember to include a knife sharpener and cutting board.

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Kitchen shears

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No, it's not just a pair of scissors. Equipped with grippers on the inner handles, this multi-tool can open jar lids and bottle caps as well as crack nuts and shells. Most can be disassembled for easier cleaning and drying too.


Set of pots and pans

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You can do most of your cooking on a skillet, whether it's making pancakes, sauteing vegetables, or frying meat. For stews and soups, include one saucepan and one large stockpot (when you are preparing larger meals). Material is also important - cast-iron cookware is durable and versatile, and stainless steel is easy to clean.


Mixing bowls

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It doesn't matter what cuisine you cook, you need prep bowls to organise your ingredients. Buy them in various sizes!



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Available in metal, wood, and silicone, a trivet elevates a hot dish or pot; this protects your kitchen counter and tables from heat or water damage. Some trivets come with a candle holder, so you can light one up to keep your dishes warm.


3-in-1 can and bottle opener, and corkscrew

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Multitasking tools take up less space and gives you more bang for your buck - invest in one that will last you a long time. With a 3-in-1 opener, cooking with wine or opening a can of sardines will be much more convenient!


2-in-1 grater and peeler

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Get a grater and peeler for ingredients like cheese, carrots, and potatoes. Pick one that gives you a good grip (keep those fingers safe!), and with blades that do not dull easily.


Strainer or colander

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Though we often use these words interchangeably, there is a difference. A strainer is a stainless steel mesh bowl that can be used to separate fruit juice from pulp and sift flour; a colander is a larger bowl with bigger holes, typically used to drain water from vegetables or fruit. Buy one that best suits your needs, or both.


Spatula, ladle, and tongs

These three scoopers come in handy for almost everything. Eggs, beef chilli, burger patties - the list goes on. Some features you need to consider would be heat-resistance and flexibility, and if you have nonstick pans, opt for plastic spatulas to keep them scratch-free.



Electric kettles boil water faster than a stove-top kettle, but the latter works just as well. Either way, boiled water is essential to everyday life - tea enthusiasts and instant noodle junkies would agree!

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