Traditional cakes, pastries still popular among Brunei households

PHOTO: Brunei Times/ANN

Traditional delicacies are still very much in demand, according to a local stall vendor.

Nor Hj Mokti, who currently has her stall set up at the Tamu Ramadhan Bunut, says that she is able to make at least $150 in sales daily by selling local favourites such as salurut, tapai, kusui, pipis, katilapam, katu mayang, seri muka, bingka and lapat.

Despite the many modern cakes and desserts available today, Nor says that local delicacies are still in demand.

"For some people, eating or breaking their fast with local delicacies with the family brings back the memories and nostalgia of the Ramadhan environment in Brunei (in the 70s, 80s and 90s)," she shares.

The stall vendor adds that all of the Bruneian traditional desserts which she sells are made by her elderly relatives who know how to make these delicacies "quite well".

She said that she only chooses from her trusted suppliers or relatives who have experience and do not compromise in the making of these delicacies.

When asked whether her stall has sustained damages due to the recent storm which hit Brunei last week, she says that she was not too heavily affected.

"During the bad weather on Friday, many tents were damaged because of the strong winds," she says. However, she says, she was spared much worse as she has not began setting up when the bad weather hit.