Try this: Hot chocolate and wine, the 'It' drink for Christmas

Move over egg nog and mulled wine, there's a new 'It' drink this Christmas season, and it's a mix of both naughty and nice.

Hot chocolate and red wine may seem like an odd mixture, but it's one that actually works.

Although a popular recipe has been circulating online since 2014, it's been called the 'winter drink of 2016', reported The New York Times, and everyone from food bloggers to Martha Stewart have given their take on it.

There are many recipes to be found online, but you can easily create a tasty drink without wasting too much time going the whole hog.

You can even use any leftover red wine or grab the cheapest one from the supermarket (like we did), and your guests will be none the wiser.

Here's our take on the delicious tummy-warmer that will impress friends and family this holiday season:


1. Heat up 3/4 glass of milk till it's hot, but not boiling

2. Add a few squares of dark chocolate (for that extra chocolate-y kick), and one packet of your favourite instant hot cocoa

3. Stir with a spoon or cinnamon stick until all the chocolate dissolves

4. Pour in a desired amount of red wine, but not too much!  

5. Garnish with marshmallows and/or whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and a cinnamon stick.

6. Serve!

Photo: Reuters, GIF: AsiaOne