Want to dine at this restaurant? First surrender your phones

Stomp contributor Shawn was pleased to discover that a local restaurant gives diners the option to surrender their phones, to encourage them to be more sociable during meals.

Boxes with phrases such as 'unplug box' and e-device withdrawal kit' printed on them are placed on tables at Manhattan Fish Market in Century Square for diners to place their phones in.

Shawn says:

"I went to Manhattan Fish Market at Century Square and saw boxes on some of the tables.

"The boxes are for people to put their phones in!

"The use of phones is not banned in the restaurant, but diners have the option of placing their phones in the boxes so they can talk to each other during their meal and resist checking their phones."

Shawn thinks this is a good idea, but wonders if it is an indication of how addicted some Singaporeans are to their phones.

He commented:

"Interesting but I wonder - are Singaporeans so addicted to technology that they can't even have a proper meal without checking their phones every 10 minutes?

"I think it's a good method though. I don't have kids, but I would be worried if they were glued to their gadgets during a meal. It's anti-social."

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