Want exclusivity? Try limited-edition bottles

SINGAPORE - Limited-Editionbottles of well-known beverage brands are all the rage now.

Special-theme drinks, be it liquor or water, are packaged by beverage manufacturers to offer a little festivity and variation to a consumer's experience.

Chandon, a Californian winery, is one such company. It is launching awareness campaigns for the exclusive summer edition of its Chandon Brut: A sparkling wine.

The limited-edition Chandon Brut, which was launched on July 2, is marketed as being "inspired by great moments and sunny moments".

"Chandon USA launched (Chandon Brut) last year and it was highly successful, so the global team introduced this limited edition to the rest of the markets this year," its spokesman said.

Conveying a specific theme or concept is part of an increasing move towards making consumers feel exclusive.

Bottled-mineral-water brand Perrier's limited-edition collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation has resulted in a collection that interweaves Warhol's signature pop-art style.

Nestle Marketing & Distribution France, the distributor for Perrier, told My Paper: "Dressing up the bottle serves to show off the brand's eccentricity and creativity."

Indeed, the creativity behind the bottles seems to stem from collaborations with well-known artists, designers and icons.

Heineken has joined the fray with its Club Bottle that was launched last month. The bottles were inspired by artist-designer Matt Moore's digital abstract designs known as "vectorfunk".

A cool fact behind the bottle's design? A secret profile that is revealed only under ultraviolet light.

Most beverage companies have cottoned on to the fact that limited-edition versions of their products enable them to create a unique selling point.

For instance, the Heineken Club Bottle targets club-frequenting consumers who visit nightspots such as Zouk and The Butter Factory - places where the drink is sold.

Production of limited-edition bottles seems to suggest a confidence in consumer demand for exclusivity.

A spokesman for Asia Pacific Breweries, the distributor of Heineken, said: "The launch campaigns of such limited-edition bottles are an opportunity (for the company) to build its brand and engage with core customers."