Watch these US kids try snacks from Singapore and Malaysia

Folks from the HiHo Kids YouTube channel (formerly called Kids Try) recently did a video starring their talented children eating some popular snacks from Malaysia and Singapore.

Apparently, a fan from Singapore called "Loft Laurel" had sent them a box of goodies for everyone to try out. The snacks are: Cheezels, fish crackers, Lot 100 mango gummies and Twisties (three different flavours!).

The kids - Ernie, Maddox, Crystal, Desmond, Justin and Gabrielle - seemed to have a lot fun trying out the snacks. Of course, not everyone liked everything. In fact, only one person found the fish crackers tasty.

The kids also had a lot of interesting to say about the snacks in the video. Desmond thinks Singapore is just a two-hour drive from "here"; based on their postal address, that would be Seattle, Washington in the United States. Ernie thinks a Cheezels ring "presents chaos"…

If you wish to send the team a package of snacks or other food items for them to try, you can mail them to: HiHo Kids (Kids Try), PO Box 19604, Seattle, WA 98109.

You can also suggest what the kids should try in their next video by filling in a form here. To watch more HiHo videos, head here.

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