Wholemeal bread turns mouldy before expiry date

Stomp contributor Compassman says this loaf of wholemeal bread went mouldy before its expiry date.

According to the Stomp contributor, he had found a large amount of mould on the bread on the day of its expiry.

The Stomp contributor wrote:

"The end of shelf life for this loaf of wholemeal bread is clearly Aug 23.

"However, I was surprised to see the bread in extremely mouldy condition, on the morning of Aug 23.

"This is the second time I have encountered this problem with Gardenia Wholemeal (big loaf size) bread!

"I am very sure the bread is stored in normal, non-moist conditions in my kitchen, and my family is always careful in the handling this kind of perishable food item.

"Usually if it has been taken out of the package, we'll not put it back in again.

"This food product could have easily caused severe food poisoning if it had been consumed without noticing the mouldy condition.

"Is there a deviation in the manufacturing, packing, delivery, QC, or even date-tagging process?"

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