Why Anthony Bourdain keeps going back to Filipino food


Anthony Bourdain's most recent trip to the Philippines further confirms how much he loves Filipino food. In an interview with CNN's The Source, he lauds sisig as the dish that will help other people unfamiliar with Filipino cuisine to " investigate further."

"It's hot, sizzling, crispy, sticky delicious pieces of pork with many textures goes with beer. It's casual. Its accessible and it's exactly what you need after a few beers. That's a perfect food, he said when asked what makes it so good."

He also said that the time is just right for the American market to finally enjoy the different flavors of Filipino cuisine. His words have spread out to publications including Eater and Refinery29. Here's to hoping Anthony's good word continues to spread the love for Filipino food across the seas.

But Anthony is of course way ahead of everyone else. He has a love for other dishes like the Liempo-Q at Sarsa Kitchen. He already calls it "good as it is."


He was even spotted talking more about Filipino cuisine with DOT Secretary Wanda Chen during the recently concluded World Street Food Congress.


It's not Anthony's first time to show his Filipino food. In 2016, the Parts Unknown host took his show to our shores to try out some adobo.


Of course, who can forget wthat he loves some Jollibee.


Clearly, he's hooked. And we can't blame him.