Wine and dine? Try craft beer

SINGAPORE - If you thought that wine was the only beverage that could bring out the taste in food, think again.

The owner of MOA New Zealand Bar & Grill, Mr Andrew Wee, said that beer can also do the trick.

But the major importer of craft beer here, who was speaking at a MyPaper Metropolitan Series workshop on Saturday, says that he is not talking about off-the-shelf beer.

Referring to craft beer - which is produced in limited quantities using traditional methods - Mr Wee says that such beer comes in many more varieties and can be easily matched with food to help to bring out its flavours.

Grilled salmon, for instance, goes great with a lighter MOA Blanc wheat beer. On the other hand, roast lamb chops can be complemented with a more bitter MOA five hop ale which emphasises the flavour of the meat by leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Mr Wee reckons that 380 types of craft beer are distributed in Singapore.

Craft beer now makes up 25 per cent of the local beer market, up from 8 per cent five years ago, he estimates.

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