Would you pay $420 for a bowl of beef noodles?

Beef noodles is a common dish in Asia, and many people can be spotted slurping some tasty noodles at roadside stalls or small eateries.

How much would you pay for premium beef noodles?

Some gastronomes don't mind spending hundreds of dollars on them, it seems.

Dubbed the world's most expensive noodles by the Wall Street Journal, each bowl of premium beef noodles at Taipei restaurant Niu Ba Ba (Beef Father) costs a whooping NT10,000 (S$420).

If you're wondering why the dish commands such a high price, it took owner Mr Wang 15 years to research, experiment, and finally, perfect the recipe.

Each bowl is prepared using custom cuts of beef imported from Japan, Australia, United States and Brazil, and served with a rich broth alongside custom-made noodles.

The aromatic stock is prepared using beef tendons, tenderloin, bone, and ribs, allowing the stock to retain its natural flavour with minimal seasoning.

Of course, the al dente noodles are topped with a piece of tendon and five generous slices of braised marbled beef that melt in the mouth.

According to the South China Morning Post, the restaurant sells between 30 to 50 bowls of premium beef noodles every month.

Celebrities Jaycee Chan and Wang Leehom are reportedly fans of the dish, on top of Mr Wang's VIP clientele comprising world politicians and three-star Michelin chefs.

For those on a limited budget, the menu has other affordable options that start from NT500 ($$21).