You're good where you are at, Avalon

SINGAPORE - It was an odd moment.

When I read that swanky club Avalon was going to close down after just two years in operation, I also happened to be watching a video of elks jumping on a trampoline.

I'm not sure which was crazier.

People started talking about their last night at Avalon.

Then a couple of friends in the nightlife industry sent me a report by The Straits Times that Avalon is not closing after all. Most of these Facebook messages came with a "LOL" (that's "laugh out loud" for all you people over 50.)

But there's nothing funny with this fiasco. The club's story has been one of miscommunication since it opened.

Closing or not? I think I can't be bothered to care any more.

Harsh? Nope.

I am a consumer who is now switched off because this club can't be bothered with talking to me.

A Facebook post on the club's official page last Monday stated that the club would open its doors for "the final time" on Saturday (Nov 2).

"It's just misinformation, wires were crossed... it hasn't closed. We're basically going through a series of renovation works," Mr Peter Coney, 58, who oversees the club's operations, later told The Straits Times.

How crossed? And what is the meaning of "final time"?

I called Avalon's senior marketing manager Benjamin Ting to verify.

He told me that the club sent an official statement to The Straits Times and that I should read that. Thanks. Bye.

Okay. Would it not have been more convenient to send the statement to all media?

How hard is it to post a word or two on your social media channels to explain yourself in light of bad press?

But then, that's Avalon being true to form.

When I'm writing about upcoming events in club land, Avalon does not appear much because I rarely receive any updates from them.

The lack of activity in their club nights is striking. Very few international DJs and no interesting concepts for their resident nights.

Unlike Zouk, The Butter Factory, Ku De Ta and even Pangaea, Avalon lacks communication skills.

It also has high-profile stumbles.

On its opening night in 2011, VIPs couldn't get in and had to queue outside under a light drizzle.

Austrian duo Kruder and Dorfmeister's set was cancelled twice.

Legal issues prevented the club from getting local DJ Leon Ho aka Inquisitive to play while he was still contractually obligated to Lifebrandz. Mr Ho has since left Avalon for Mansion at the Esplanade.

Perhaps these blunders hide a more serious issue entrenched within the club?

But you see, Avalon is a club brand from Hollywood. This blunder is as dramatic as it can get.

And it's okay. All you got to worry about is the flavour of your popcorn

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