Football: Beckham eyes Sweden's Zlatan for MLS club

Miami - David Beckham has barely found a new stadium site for his Miami-based Major League Football expansion team, and he already says he wants to sign Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Beckham told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that he is interested in the Paris Saint-Germain striker, according to a posting on the MLS website.

"If Ibrahimovic is still active, then I want to buy him right away. He is a magnificent physical specimen, so it's entirely possible," Beckham said.

"Who does not want a man who is prepared to kill to win?" Beckham and Ibrahimovic were teammates in the English midfielder's final days as a professional player with the French club.

Beckham has found a stadium site in Miami after years of struggles and told the newspaper construction of a venue "will take three years, maybe two." Ibrahimovic, 34, could be nearing the end but still might be just what Beckham is looking for to jump start his new club.

"I've played with or against the very best in the world. I have never met anyone who was so serious during both practice and games," Beckham said of Zlatan.

"When I came to Paris I knew that he was an incomparable talent as a player, but he'd be so tough and merciless on himself at all times, I had no idea. He's a born winner. He is a beast with huge self-confidence and I'm one of his biggest admirers."