Football fantasies: ST's dreamiest dream team


Team: Italy

Current club: Juventus

(Italy) Position: Midfielder

Stats: 28 years old, 1.79m

Romantic status: Married to former tennis player Roberta Sinopoli with two children.

In a nutshell: Blue-eyed, chiselled, all-round gorgeousness.

If you get to go on a date with him...: Visit Florence. Look at art, holding hands with a walking work of art. Bliss out.


Team: Spain

Current club: Real Madrid

Position: Midfielder

Stats: 32 years old, 1.83m

Romantic status: Married to actress Nagore Aramburu with three children.

In a nutshell: A strong manly jaw, topped with piercing eyes.

If you get to go on a date with him...: Be sensitive. His team has been eliminated. Let him drown his sorrows in sangria. Let him rest his head on your shoulder.


Team: Argentina

Current club: Paris Saint-Germain

Position: Forward

Stats: 29 years old, 1.73m

Romantic status: In a relationship with model Yanina Screpante

In a nutshell: Movie-star looks

If you get to go on a date with him...: Spend a day on a beach. Study his tattoos at leisure, including one of his football hero, Diego Maradona, on his torso.


Team: Chile

Current club: Barcelona

Position: Forward

Stats: 25 years old, 1.69m

Romantic status: Said to be in arelationship with art director Laia Grassi

In a nutshell: Bedroom eyes

If you get to go on a date with him...: Wear something nice. Feel his gaze on you.


Team: Japan

Current club: Standard Liege (Belgium)

Position: Goalkeeper

Stats: 31 years old, 1.85m

Romantic status: He spoke of a girlfriend in an interview in 2011.

In a nutshell: Asian beefcake

If you get to go on a date with him...: Keep it simple. He looks like a bloke you can enjoy a beer with on a perfect summer day.

This article was first published on June 22, 2014.
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