Football: Jordan protest after dope test makes striker ill

MELBOURNE - Jordan lodged a formal protest at the Asian Cup on Wednesday after claiming a bungled doping test made one of their players be sick.

Striker Ahmad Hayel could miss the game against Palestine Friday after he was made to drink "several litres of water" after being unable to provide a urine sample following Monday's 1-0 defeat by Iraq.

It caused him to vomit and feel dizzy, according to the Jordanian FA. The test had to be cancelled, a team doctor said.

Jordanian FA general secretary Fadi Zureikat said the association had made a formal protest to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) complaining about the "unhealthy procedure taken in doping test for Ahmad Hayel".

Zureikat added: "The emergency facilities were not sufficient and the temperature in the testing room was very low. The player was made to drink lots of water and began vomiting.

"We had to take him back to the team base in a wheelchair, using our own private car, not an emergency vehicle. Subsequently we had to stay with the player until the early hours of the morning." Jordanian football chief and FIFA presidential hopeful Prince Ali bin Al Hussein also checked up on the condition of Hayel by phone, according to Zureikat.

"The player was one of two players chosen by lots for a mandatory dope test," team doctor Adel Skirji told the Jordanian FA's website.

"Ahmad Hayel was unable to give a sample, which is normal as he had lost a lot of fluid during the game and needed more time to rehydrate.

"When (testing officials) tried to making him drink lots of water it quickly reduced his temperature and he began to throw up and feel dizzy." Jordan coach Ray Wilkins was said to be furious at the incident, which could deprive him of the player for Friday's game in Melbourne, slamming the dope testers for acting in a "dangerous" manner after the match in Brisbane.

A Jordanian media officer claimed that Hayel's blood sugar levels were low after Monday's game and that the player was asked to drink "many litres of water", after which he began to turn pale.

Asian Cup organisers were not immediately available for comment.