Free exhibition highlights Nobel Prize Laureate's contributions to Singapore

Nobel Museum

SINGAPORE - An exhibition at the ArtScience Museum in November will feature the life and achievements of Nobel Prize Laureate, Sydney Brenner, a major contributor to the development of science in Singapore.

ArtScience Museum will be working in association with A*Star and Cold Spring Harbor Lab to curate a pavilion which will highlight Mr Brenner's role in establishing Singapore's biomedical research sector.

Visitors can enjoy the exhibits of photographs, illustrations and historical documents, and other rare artefacts of previous Nobel Prize Laureates when they go on display on Nov 7 at a free exhibition at the ArtScience Museum.

This is part of the Nobel Prize Series event that will take place from Nov 4 to 7 in Singapore.

The exhibition, The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World, will feature insights into the life of Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, the Laureates and how Nobel Prize-awarded efforts have shaped and continue to change our world.

Extraordinary achievements in humanitarian disciplines, which were awarded the Nobel Prizes for Literature and Peace, will also be highlighted.

Another forward-looking exhibition - the Collider - will also be on display. Visitors can look forward to seeing the heart of the world's greatest scientific experiment, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Both exhibitions will culminate in a shared interactive space - 'The Collision' - at the end of the visitor's journey through the exhibition.

This zone will present Nobel Prize-awarded CERN researchers and their discoveries, and allow visitors to experiment constructing simple machines using everyday materials.

This innovative space aims to inspire visitors to embrace new ideas of innovation and technology.

The free exhibition will run until Jan 24, 2016.