Fruit and veggies from Europe to your doorstep

From make-up and beauty products to DIY craft items, subscription boxes are great for people who are too busy to shop or are curious to discover something new.

SimplyFresh is the latest to join the fray and offers one that is not only edible (the contents, that is, not the box) but also healthy.

Set up by Austrian native Michael Giesswein, founder and director of Premium Foods Holding, SimplyFresh will deliver a hodgepodge of fresh and organic European fruit and vegetables such as Savoy cabbage, beetroot, leek, fennel, pumpkin and salsify to your doorstep every week.

To suit different lifestyle needs, there are seven boxes (from $120) including the Simply Fruit Box, Simply Veggie Box and a box with everything you need for blending smoothies. You can also customise your trove by choosing from over 60 varieties of produce.

"When I came to Singapore two years ago, I was going to supermarkets to look for organic fruit and vegetables, but all I could find were salads and tomatoes coming from Australia, Malaysia and China. The quality of some of this produce wasn't comparable to what I was used to," said Mr Giesswein, on why he started SimplyFresh.

But this is not his first foray into the local food business. He also founded Foodcom with a partner to bring in Chanterelle and porcini mushrooms, and German asparagus for restaurants and hotels.

Eighty per cent of the greens and fruit available will come from organic-certified, family-owned farms in Germany, while the rest will be flown in from Austria, Italy, Spain and Greece.

"I have direct and private relationships with these farmers so we are not buying through big supermarket chains. We have about 12 farmers and I've known them for years," added Mr Giesswein.

Orders can be placed from Nov 1. Deliveries will start from Nov 13.

This article was first published on October 18, 2014.
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