Game review: Evolve

Four against one sounds like an unfair advantage, but what if the four are hunters trying to kill a powerful alien monster?

Hunters and monster are all controlled by players in Evolve, a new sci-fi multiplayer game from developer Turtle Rock Studios, which is known for the zombie first-person shooter Left 4 Dead.

To level the playing field, Goliath the monster is huge and the variety of its moves makes it tough to kill. Only one monster has been revealed, but there will be more in the game.

Goliath starts off relatively weak and evolves into a serious beast by feeding on kills. It also learns special moves, including a flame breath attack and a rock throw.

The hunters will get jetpacks and a quick dodge move to help them survive. There are four classes of hunters - assault, trapper, support and medic - each with its own specific class ability.

Evolve will be available only in the third quarter, but if you pre-order the game now, you can get a free downloadable character and a Savage Goliath skin.

Available in Q3

Genre: First-person shooter

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

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