Game review: Titanfall

Think Pacific Rim or Transformers. What is it about robots that makes geeks and gamers go crazy? Titanfall is an online multiplayer-only, first-person shooter (FPS). You switch between playing a soldier and a pilot in the cockpit of a mech robot known as Titan.

As a soldier, you are able to take cover, skim walls like a ninja and fire at your enemies as in a regular FPS.

Jump into a Titan as a pilot and you have awesome firepower to decimate and crush your enemies.

Different types of Titans are equipped with different skills and some are more agile than others. Titans can be put on guard mode to defend an area, or follow mode, in which the Titan will follow the player and attack enemies within its firing range.

If your Titan is heavily damaged, you can eject from your Titan and hijack an enemy Titan to fight again.

Ready to rumble?

By Trevor Tan


Available next month

Genre: First-person shooter

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

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