Gather pupils' feedback on PSLE

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) issue is highly controversial, and is debated among many adults with different views and perspectives.

However, why are pupils' ideas not being considered? After all, the exam is designed to test Primary 6 pupils on their understanding of the concepts and skills they have learnt in primary school.

Are we so young and immature that our thoughts and ideas do not matter? Should one ask my class for constructive ideas on how to improve the PSLE, one would hear enough to ponder over for quite a while.

Or is it our unwillingness to offer ideas?

Again, I use my class as an example. We need little prompting or encouragement to offer our ideas. And there are many more classes like mine.

Pupils like myself have ideas but do not dare, or cannot find good platforms, to offer them.

To encourage pupils to give their ideas, there should be more feedback platforms, either for individual suggestions or for group sharing.

Conducting formal surveys, interviews or focus group discussions will deter pupils from giving truthful feedback because they would feel intimidated.

Instead, in-class discussions would bring a light touch to an otherwise serious subject.

I have great confidence that gathering pupils' opinions and ideas will bring new perspectives to the PSLE debate.

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