GE2015: 18 designated assembly centres for Polling Day

The police have announced a list of 18 assembly centres for Polling Day on Sept 11.

Electoral candidates, their supporters and members of the public may gather at these designated assembly centres to await the announcement of the General Election (GE) results that day.

They will be allowed to gather from when the polls close at 8pm that day and until 30 minutes after the announcement of the last result of the GE.

Permit applications for the assembly centres must be made in person by a candidate or his election agent at the Police Elections Permit Office (PEPO) between 8.30am and 2.30pm on Sep 9 and 10.

No fees will be levied by the Police for the permit. Application forms for the permit can be obtained from the PEPO office and may also be downloaded from the Police website at

Police have grouped the electoral divisions into three zones. The assembly centre sites available in each zone are as follows:

Contesting parties and independent candidates can only apply for one assembly centre site in each zone that it is contesting in.

Should there be more than one applicant for a particular assembly centre site, the police will conduct a ballot. Interested parties and independent candidates may also apply for a permit to use an indoor site as an assembly centre. However, the site has to be within the zone that they are contesting in.

The list of assembly centres allocated to contesting parties and independent candidates will be announced on Sep 10, after the close of permit applications.