GE2015: PAP's lunchtime rally on Day 7

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speaks to a lunch time crowd at a rally in the financial district of Raffles Place ahead of Singapore's September 11 election, on September 8, 2015.
PHOTO: AsiaOne

SINGAPORE - Day 7 of the rallies for the General Election began with a lunchtime one today by the People's Action Party (PAP) at the  promenade area beside UOB Plaza.

A total of nine PAP candidates talked about the future of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew's legacy, and government policies such as Skills Future, education, and the Pioneer Generation package.

Some common threads were emphasised by the PAP, as well as taking the occasional snipes at the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and the Workers' Party (WP),

Here are some highlights from the rally that was attended by AsiaOne:

"Evolution, not revolution"

Describing the opposition's logic to vote for more voices in parliament as flawed, PAP candidate for Sembawang GRC Ong Ye Kung said: "Sometimes we see in our offices, when you may have been a hardworking worker who delivers all the projects, but the boss bypasses you for the promotion and gives it to the other guy who works less hard, [just] to motivate you to work harder. This cannot be."

"Co-driver doesn't have a driver's license"

PAP candidate for Aljunied GRC Victor Lye talked about WP's analogy of the co-driver to slap the driver if he veers off-course: "The self-proclaimed co-driver doesn't have a driver's license after all."

Referring to the AHPETC saga, Victor Lye added: "They can't even check and balance themselves or their accounts."

"Reputation is temporary, character is permanent"

On Monday, SDP's Dr Chee Soon Juan said in his lunchtime rally speech: "PAP sues us for defamation. I say, reputation is temporary. Character is permanent."

Retorting Dr Chee's statement, PM Lee said: "I agree, Dr Chee has every reason to know that character is permanent."

Keeping the system clean

While talking about Singapore's efforts against corruption, PM Lee took aim at the WP's AHPETC, saying: "That is why we also have the Auditor-General's Office, to keep the government straight, to keep our statutory boards straight, and once in a while, to find out if the town councils are straight, or not straight."

"You think we are stupid?"

PM Lee also spoke about the wishlist by the opposition.

"Free health care, $300 for old people, $300 for young people, free taxi rides if you need to see a doctor, minimum wage. Everything can. Who to pay?"

"If [raising taxes and taking money from the reserves] was really so simple, why do you think the PAP is not doing all these things? You think we are stupid? We are quite slow, but not so slow!"


WP's candidate for Hougang SMC Png Eng Huat was the next opposition politician on PM Lee's list.

Png Eng Huat had referred to the military coup in Thailand as an example of continuity in a country despite disruptions.

"If that is the Workers' Party measure of good politics and success, if ever the Workers' Party becomes the government of Singapore, I say, liao ah. Finished!"

"Insurance is good. But you must buy the right insurance from the right company."

Refuting WP's Chairwoman Sylvia Lim's call for voters to vote them as an insurance policy, PM Lee said: "Insurance is good. But you must buy the right insurance from the right company!