Genius 3-ingredient recipes you need to know

Cooking is often seen as something laborious and needing skill.

What can be even more frustrating about cooking though, is being halfway through a recipe and finding out you are missing an ingredient or two, or having to spend a lot of money and time acquiring numerous and expensive ingredients for a recipe.

Simplify the cooking process with a list of recipes compiled by Buzzfeed that only require three ingredients each.

While most of the recipes are for desserts, one savoury dish we cannot wait to try is the Glazed Cola Chicken. All you need is some chicken pieces, a can of cola and some soya sauce!

Or did you know, an easy way to make pulled pork is just to place a slab of pork into a slow cooker and pour in a can of root beer.

After it's cooked for about six hours, just shred and mix with BBQ sauce before slapping it on some burger buns and voila, you've got yourself an easy pulled pork sandwich.