Get behind the Lions

Not many give Bernd Stange's Lions a chance when they host mighty Japan at the National Stadium tonight.

But you, The New Paper reader, can do your part and lift the Singapore players and help produce a special performance.

Today's edition of TNP comes with a special centrespread to help you support your national team, and 10,000 copies will be distributed at the National Stadium before the match.

If you are also one of the first 10,000 in the stadium, you will receive a red and white scarf.

More than 30,000 tickets have already been snapped up as of yesterday, and organisers are hopeful brisk sales will continue today.

You can do your part to turn the National Stadium into a sea of red.

Whether the English Premier League, La Liga or the Bundesliga, you will no doubt be familiar with the intimidating atmosphere that envelopes football's best-supported clubs.

You have seen how the Liverpool faithful roar for goals at the Kop, and heard those who sing their hearts out at the Stretford End at Manchester United's Old Trafford, arms outstretched holding a scarf within an ocean of many.

Now, take those scenes from Europe and imagine them in our very own backyard at the spanking new National Stadium - with cheers to support Hariss Harun and Co, urging them to score.

Are you ready to take up the gauntlet and help the Lions overcome the near-impossible?

Here's a small list of things you can do at the stadium to back the Lions, and turn matchnight into an unforgettable occasion.


Today's copy of The New Paper comes with a special centrespread - the word "ROAR" splashed across two pages (left).

During the national anthem, proudly hold the words over your head as you belt out Majulah Singapura with pride.

National skipper Hariss Harun has already spoken of the players' hopes of seeing the stands turned into a sea of red.

Let's make his wish come true.


If you are one of the first 10,000 at the stadium tonight, you will receive a red and white scarf.

Fold it in half, and grab the scarf by the ends which have the Singapore flag emblazoned on them.

Hold it over your head and do the "heliwhirl" - a circular motion similar to the rotor blades of a helicopter.

Perform this action if Singapore score a goal against the mighty Samurai Blue.


Manchester United fans have "Glory, Glory Man United".

West Ham supporters are "Forever Blowing Bubbles".

Local fan group Exclusinga want supporters of the Lions to have their own chant.

They came up with a ditty called "Satu Nada", which they created before last year's AFF Suzuki Cup tournament.

Exclusinga members, who will sit near the East End of the National Stadium will lead the chants at various moments during the match.

Fans, make yourselves heard.


Satu nada, satu suara
Satu nada, satu bangsa dan negara,
Satu Singapura*


Yo ayuh ayuh, ayuh ayuh Singapura
Yo ayuh ayuh ayuh, ayuh ayuh Singapura
Yo ayuh ayuh, ayuh ayuh Singapura
Yo ayuh ayuh ayuh, ayuh ayuh Singapura

*One tone, one voice One tone, one nationality and country, one Singapore

This article was first published on November 12, 2015.
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