Get it right: What you can & cannot ask for during a flight

There are many ways to entertainment yourself on the plane and the in-flight movies are just one of them.

Mail Online has compiled a list of exciting items and even useful services that you can request for during your flight.

Stuck on the plane during your birthday? Well, don't fret. If you are flying on Emirates, you can pre-order a cake with the in-flight concierge team.

Be it anniversary, honeymoon or bon voyage - the team can cater to a themed cake.

When it comes to food, the aircraft might not be loaded with an army of supplies, but if you are feeling peckish or wanting seconds, you can always politely ask your cabin crew for more.

On a long journey, flight attendants will be happy to give you an extra snacks or drink - but don't try your luck by asking for any that comes from Business or First Class, advised Mail Online.

Gulf Air also offers a free temporary nanny service so parents can enjoy their meals on board and have a break. The flight crew can also help reassure young flyers of landing.

If such requests are asked politely, there is usually no reason why the flight attendants won't fulfil them. However, there are some that you should avoid asking.

Mail Online also compiled some sneaky and ridiculous requests flight crew have gotten.

If you have forgotten something at the airport, sorry - but you can't get the aircraft to turn around and return to its place of origin.

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Also, flight attendants are not tour guides, so do not ask them to identify famous mountains or countries as the plane flies over them.

Cabin crew do not offer concierge service - asking them to call you a taxi for you is a big no-no as well.