Giant black cat in Japan train station gives gifts in exchange for nose rubs

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

Deep under the ground in Japan, at the Shinjuku Station, is a giant black cat.

It is six-metres long and two-metres tall, but it is not a monster. In fact, this huge feline even dispenses gifts in exchange for nose rubs.

The giant cat is part of a campaign by Japanese delivery company Yamato Transport, which is well-known for their cute black cat logos, Japanese aggregator site RocketNews reported.

To get a gift, passers-by need to rub on the cat's squishy nose. The animal will then open its mouth and dispense compact delivery boxes with unique merchandise.

The cat can give out 72 different gifts, including T-shirts, card sets and flip-flops, and all of the gifts feature the wide-eyed black cat.

According to RocketNews, the cat will remain at the Shinjuku Station until Oct 4, before it goes on tour to ten locations around Japan.