Girl punished for 'allowing' rapes

A 14-year-old girl in Maharashtra, India, was whipped 10 times in public for the crime of "not resisting" when her own father raped her repeatedly, Tamil dailies reported.

The man had reportedly been raping the victim repeatedly over four months but the crime only came to light when the girl became pregnant.

When the other villagers found out about the rape, the panchayat or village tribunal sentenced the man to a fine and 10 lashes in public as punishment.

In a move described as Taliban-esque by women's rights campaigners, the tribunal blamed the girl for not resisting the rapes and sentenced her to suffer 10 lashes as well.

In videos released by activists, the pregnant rape victim is seen being whipped in front of the villagers while tied to a tree.

Following an outcry after videos of the incident were broadcast, police raided the village. They have reportedly arrested the rapist and key members of the tribunal.