Give him a second chance

SINGAPORE- Many people, including our politicians, Singaporeans and expats were understandably upset over Mr Anton Casey's insulting remarks about our public transport users being "poor people" in the report, "You're not superior because you've got money" (The New Paper, Jan 24).

Initially, I was very upset by his insensitive comments.

But I fervently believe that since Mr Casey has realised his grave mistake and is willing to make amends by offering to do community work, can we not find it in our hearts to forgive him and give him a second chance?

If prisoners are given a second chance, then I am sure we can accord the same kind gesture to Mr Casey.

He has lost his job and friends, and he and his family will no doubt become isolated and lonely due to a wrong turn.

Only when we are in that same predicament do we realise what it feels like to be isolated.


A good way for the former wealth manager to make amends for his mistakes is to volunteer his services to marginalised citizens who need love, understanding and support.

Once Mr Casey has proven his sincerity with the concept of charity, I have every confidence that he can rebuild his life.


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