Give priority to hiring of disabled people

PHOTO: Give priority to hiring of disabled people

SINGAPORE - It is good to know that navy serviceman Jason Chee, who lost both legs and his left arm in a ship accident, will be given a desk job as an operations supervisor ("Injured navy man will get desk job"; Sept 8).

In recent years, the Government has made progress in making the physical environment, buildings and the transport system accessible for disabled people.

However, many companies and employers continue to deny them permanent employment, focusing on their physical disability instead of their ability and skills.

Disabled people are suitable for desk-bound backend jobs in banks, insurance companies and supermarket chains that involve routine data entry, sorting, copying, printing and answering calls.

Instead of hiring foreigners, wheelchair users who fit the bill should be given priority for these jobs. The number of S-Pass and Employment Pass holders is being progressively curbed, and the labour market continues to be tight.

It is imperative that we make the employment of disabled people a national priority. This will ease our labour shortages and maximise the talents of disabled people, giving them a sense of self-worth and allowing them to support themselves and their families.

Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon (Ms)

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