Good to reassure foreign workers

Good to reassure foreign workers

I AM glad our leaders are reassuring the foreign workers here ("Workers not involved need not worry: Shanmugam"; Wednesday).

The handling of the Little India riot and the swift follow-up action taken are much appreciated, and the situation has stabilised.

My family and I were in Little India on Sunday, and found that things were back to normal.

It is time now for Singaporeans to reflect on several issues.

Some may distance themselves from foreign workers because of the incident. But it is wrong to tar the whole community with the same brush just because of the misdeeds of a few.

Those who broke the law will be dealt with firmly and fairly. The majority are law-abiding and are here to make a living. They build our homes and roads, and clean our neighbourhoods, among other things.

We must continue to recognise their hard work and contributions. At the same time, foreign workers must respect and adhere to our laws.

Those who abide by the law have no reason to fear for their future here.

V. Balu, Reader

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