Google blocks YouTube app on Windows Phones... again

Here we go again. Looks like Microsoft's new YouTube app didn't have Google's blessings after all. The company at Mountain View has blocked it yet again.

According to Engadget, Google actually wants Microsoft to build an HTML5-based app. But the new app is still a native one, and done in a such a way that Google can't guarantee that the correct ads would be served.

Thus, it has again violated YouTube's Terms of Service, leading it to revoke Microsoft's API key.

Of course, Microsoft itself has something to say about this. In a nutshell, the Redmond headquartered company is charging that Google's reasons for blocking the app are "manufactured".

It's especially puzzled about Google's condition that it has to be an HTML5 app, since the YouTube apps for Android and iOS aren't HTML5-based.

Regarding the serving of ads, Microsoft claims that it's asked Google to provide the same information iPhone and Android get so that Microsoft can mirror the way ads are served on these platforms more precisely, but Google has refused this request.

Microsoft's fairly long (and exasperated) response concludes with these statements:

We think it's clear that Google just doesn't want Windows Phone users to have the same experience as Android and Apple users, and that their objections are nothing other than excuses. Nonetheless, we are committed to giving our users the experience they deserve, and are happy to work with Google to solve any legitimate concerns they may have. In the meantime, we once again request that Google stop blocking our YouTube app.

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