Grilled liver covered with intestines in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - A local speciality of the tribal region in Northwest Pakistan is pata tikka, bite-sized grilled liver on skewers covered with sliced intestines.

Bolan Saltish, a barbecue restaurant in Islamabad, mainly serves dishes originating from the nation's eastern areas.

The restaurant uses goat liver and lamb intestines for its pata tikka, which is grilled over charcoal.

First, the liver is cooked over a low flame for 10 minutes, and then for 10 more minutes after being covered with the intestines.

Ten pieces of liver on one skewer costs 340 rupees (S$4.15).

The intestines, which are rich in fat, stop the liver from drying out.

"Though it is seasoned with salt only, pata tikka is popular among young customers since it gives them energy," said Imran Hussain, a 32-year-old shop clerk.