Grit, charm and gear in BT Weekend

Four enthusiastic home cooks are now serving private dinners in their own homes. Find out who they are in The Business Times' Weekend magazine tomorrow.

For just the right mix of grit and charm, check out the Golden Mile Complex and its neighbourhood in Weekend Haunt.

In Weekend Drive, hit the road with the Lexus IS Turbo F Sport and Audi S4.

In the main paper, Brunch looks at the new social contract written up by companies, as Big Data turns into big business.

What can you do if you are permanently a contract worker in your company with no job security and reduced benefits? Cubicle Files find out what workers can do to increase their negotiating power.

Need a break from the heavy stuff? In this week's Sass and the City, we tell you how Chow Yun Fat's face is sweet relief from the drudgery of modern communication.

BT Weekend also introduces a new column, Gearhead, which will bring you the latest in tech and everyday accessories.

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