Guide to carry-on luggage requirements for low-cost carriers

Tired of paying excess baggage fees when your flights with budget airlines? Check out Skyscanner's handy guide to cabin requirements for your carry-on bag: from maximum weight to luggage dimensions, we've got you covered for your low-cost carrier travel.

What can you bring on board?

Most budget airlines allow you to bring 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item on board. But what exactly counts as a "personal item"? It usually means you can bring one of the following:

- A handbag, pocketbook or purse

- A laptop bag or briefcase

- A small camera

- An umbrella or walking stick

- Infant food for consumption in flight

- An overcoat, wrap or blanket

Keep in mind that each airline may have slightly different rules when it comes to personal items, so make sure you check their website before packing!

Carry-on luggage requirements for budget airlines

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1. Tiger Airways

Check out the Tigerair Singapore and Tigerair Australia websites for more details

2. Jetstar Airways

Check out the Jetstar website for more details

3. AirAsia

Check out the AirAsia website for more details

4. Scoot

Check out the Scoot website for more details

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5. Lion Air

Check out the Lion Air website for more details

6. Cebu Pacific Air

Check out the Cebu Pacific website for more details

7. Malindo Air

Check out the Malindo Air website for more details

8. Mango Airlines

Check out the Mango Airlines website for more details

9. Firefly

Check out the Firefly website for more details

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