Guidelines in place for religious activities in schools

SINGAPORE- We thank Mr Poh Choon Kiat for his letter ("Respect faiths of others in mission schools"; Forum Online, Monday).

Our schools provide the common space where our young grow up together, build bonds and develop a shared identity as Singaporeans, irrespective of race, religion or social background.

Government-aided schools with religious affiliations have a well-established heritage that gives them a distinctive identity. Parents and students who choose to enrol into these schools generally appreciate the unique heritage and ethos.

Such schools may conduct activities such as religious classes and services. However, the Ministry of Education guidelines stipulate that such religious activities be optional because of the multi-religious nature of our society.

Schools will keep parents informed of such activities, and provide the option for their children to participate or opt out. Schools will provide alternative learning programmes for students who opt out.

The school will be in contact with Mr Poh to facilitate his daughter's opting out of religious activities.

Low Khah Gek (Madam)

Deputy Director-General of Education (Schools)

cum Director of Schools,

Ministry of Education

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