'Gutter oil' not sent to hawkers, says NEA

"Gutter oil" alleged to have been pumped out of sewers near food outlets in Jurong was not sent to hawkers but used for processing into biodiesel, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said yesterday.

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Here is the full statement from the NEA on Mar 6:

Singapore - The National Environment Agency's (NEA) investigation into the earlier incidents in Jurong revealed that the waste oil collected from the grease traps serving the eateries was sent for processing into biodiesel. NEA is investigating another similar incident in Toa Payoh that took place on  March 3, 2014.

Food establishments are required to provide grease traps and maintain them regularly by engaging licensed general waste collectors. There is a proper system in place for the collection and disposal of waste from grease traps.

Such waste is collected by the licensed general waste collectors who are equipped with vacuum trucks, and the waste is disposed of at the Public Utilities Board's (PUB) water reclamation plant.

NEA will enforce against any unauthorised waste collectors, and any licensee who violates the conditions of licence or illegally disposes of the waste. Offenders are liable upon conviction to a maximum fine of $2,000.

NEA also carries out checks at food shops to ascertain that the ingredients used, including cooking oil, are from approved/licensed sources, and will take action against operators who flout the rules.

Members of the public who come across any information on unauthorised collection of waste from grease traps should note down details of the incident and contact NEA at 1800-2255632 or Contact_NEA@nea.gov.sg.