Haagen-Dazs launches new concept cafe at ION Orchard

SINGAPORE - Haagen-Dazs recently opened its new concept cafe at ION Orchard.

The cafe is part of an ongoing project by the ice-cream giant to provide an alternative cafe experience to customers.

The new store sets itself apart from other ice-cream parlours with its contemporary flair, with decor not seen anywhere else - one might, in fact, mistake the cafe for a lounge.

A specially crafted menu also further cements this position.

Few bars - let alone ice-cream parlours - can boast that they offer ice-cream cocktails, which may not sound all that appealing at first.

Yet the new concept cafe marries the two ideas perfectly, with drinks such as their Vintage Caramel, a fusion of vodka, caramel liqueur and salted caramel ice-cream.

The Black Tie, a combination of whisky and Belgian chocolate ice-cream, is just another of the creations from the mind of Ethan Leslie Leong, the mixologist at Maison Ikkoku, located along Arab Street.

Those who do not favour alcoholic drinks will not find themselves shortchanged, as their new menu contains special ice-cream dishes designed by Guerilla Kitchen chefs Johan Lim and Nixon Low.

Innovations such as the Brulee Banana Split with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice-cream on a piece of vanilla pound cake, and garnished with a bruleed banana, offer a unique take on what might be considered a common ice-cream dish.

Other dishes include the Eiffel Tower for chocolate lovers with two large pieces of Eiffel Tower-shaped chocolate to accompany a brownie topped with ice-cream, and the Summer Paradise, a fairly sinful fruit salad with strawberry and green tea ice-cream on top of mango and raspberry sorbet.

For an even more indulgent experience, the desserts can be paired with premium teas from luxury brand Tea Forte.

The flavours of the premium teas complemented that of the ice-cream, resulting in effects from enhancing the taste of the dishes to cleansing the palate.

The Haagen Dazs flagship store is located on the fourth floor of ION Orchard.

For more information, visit http://www.haagendazs.com.sg